Things are happening!

Hi! I am so excited about this blog! I had a blog during my time in Maui, but it fizzled out through all the transitions of moving, saying goodbyes, getting a new job, cultivating new relationships and well, I don’t live with my amazing roomate Risa anymore, who encouraged and inspired me to blog. But it’s finally time. You know when you’re a blogger when you go through your day and dream of what you want to blog about! I have lots of those moments throughout this year- lessons I’ve learned, what God’s doing, and funny stories that leave me laughing and snorting (yes! I snort when I laugh) to myself. 

I’m in the process of making a website for my photography- that’s a whole other crazy story that God is doing!- hence, the blog “alyssa fenton photography”. I’ll be posting photo sessions of the amazing people I get to capture. But my hope is to share my life with you as well- the joys, trials and lessons along my life’s journey. My hope is that this site will be a source of encouragement, laughter, and rest for you- and help point you to our true Hope and Rest. I’m just a 24 year old lady who longs to be more like her Savior each day, while He patiently and lovingly walks life with me hand in hand- in desperate need of Him. 

A little bit about me in case we’ve never met:

I live in Seattle with my parents (it’s great!) and am a high school college counselor at a small school located on a campground. Although I grew up in the Seattle area, I went to college in California, and then spent two years as a high school intern at Hope Chapel in Maui. Yes, my heart longs for the sun, ocean and beaches 🙂 My favorite scent is sunscreen and “ocean breeze”. My favorite part of the day is waking up to fresh brewed coffee, reading my bible and journaling. I love spending time with people, having heart to hearts over coffee, and being crazy with high schoolers. I enjoy paddleboarding, running, and photography. I am dating an amazing man who I admire and love deeply, and who makes me laugh like no one else. 🙂 

Please come by and visit often! Don’t worry about feeling like a “creeper” or “stocker”! haha (My roomates and I always use to joke about that- we would spend hours looking at people’s blogs and photos, captured by their creativity and lives, even though we had never met them before!) You are always welcome. I’d love to hear any thoughts, prayer requests or questions you have too. So, here’s to a new journey!


~ Alyssa